Local Produce

Some of the local producers and small-scale manufacturers in the region.

Pivnita Bunicii: Grandma's Cellar- http://www.fooddevco.com/html/tfc_english.html

Based in Saschiz, the Pivnita Bunicii team collect produce from local growers and smallholders and turn them into jams, chutneys and syrups. they have a shop and taste centre just a short walk from the centre of Saschiz (find them on Google maps here) and their elderflower cordial can also be found in shops around the UK under the 'Bottlegreen' label.

Casa De Pe Deal: The House on the Hill - http://www.casadepedeal.com/?lang=en

Also based in Saschiz, Casa De Pe Deal grow their own fruit and vegetables to a large extent, or buy in from local growers, to prepare and sell tasty jams and other preserves. They also offer special tasting sessions, accommodation, and guided tours. Their produce can be bought from the Saschiz tourist information point next to the clock tower, directly from them, or ordered online. Details on their website.

Pivnita lui Teo: Teo's Cellar - http://pivnitaluiteo.ro/galerie-foto-pivnita-lui-teo.php (Romanian)

Pivnita lui Teo is situated in the cellar of an old medieval building in the citadel in Sighisoara. Here you can buy a naturally-made local spirit called 'palinca' (also called horinca or rakiu, depending on the region and person), a twice-distilled fruit brandy, most commonly made of plums, but also from apples, pears, and apricots (the most commonly-grown fruits in the region). Pop into the cellar and the owner will happily treat you to a taste or two of his produce - but be careful, it's fiery stuff!

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