Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blackcurrant orchard with small house near Tusnad, Harghita - 49'000 Euro neg.

4 acres of beautiful hillside close to the spa resort town of Baile Tusnad is for sale. Around 2 acres of the land is a mature blackcurrant orchard yielding two to three tons of blackcurrants per year meaning that the land can generate income from the first year and pay for itself with a number of years. The rest of the land is used for fodder, and could either remain so, the fodder being sold, or be cultivate for other crops.

On the property there is a small farm building for the management of the orchard. It runs using solar power and generators and harnesses water from a spring. The area is famed for its crystal clear mineral water and warm thermal spas. In fact, a short distance from the land there is a thermal lake that can be used free of change. The nearby resort of Baile Tusnad has managed thermal spas as well as other amenities such as small shops, bars, restaurants and guest houses.

The property sits in the foothills about 2km off the E578 highway that runs between Baile Tusnad and the town of Bixad. The area is popular with tourists because of its natural beauty and thermal baths and is around an hour's drive from the major city of Brasov where one can find all the main chain stores, supermarkets and DIY outlets.

Planning permission could be sought for a more substantial dwelling for a family who would like a peaceful isolated location with enough land to live self-sufficiently and even to generate an income via use of the blackcurrant orchard, or the property could be used simply as an idyllic weekend retreat that pays for itself.

If you are interested in this property or have further questions, contact us quoting code TUS_001 at:

Asking Price: 49'000 Euro, negotiable

Hillside near Baile Tusnad

Style: Modern farm utility building
Year built: 2013

House, annexes, and courtyard: 40m2
Land: 19'000m2

Electricity probided by solar panels and generators
Water from a clear nearby spring
Wood furnace for heating

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